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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 2, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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skidz. >> hurricane earl. where the big storm is now and hhw it% coold affect maryland in the -úskk watch forecast. >> college stuuent hit by a pickup truck. how the dramatic scene ended and the -úmistake thaa led o the crash. >> justice for a murdered former baltimore city ccuncil iiformation thaa meant the elimination of half of the -úpotential jurors. that ii violation of the statute. >> what happened inside baltimore animal shelt they are led to the claim. >>. >> hello. >> hurricane earl is winding iis way north. >> and ath still uncertain. úeff is live n cean city where they are braciig for the big storm. jeff? >> weehhae watchhd aal afternoon as the wind and he
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waves have picked up here. % look at it righttnow. the waves have been grooing all úay in size and streegth and all afternoon thee have bben breaking farther and farther out. you know the city closed the water here to swimmers earlier today as they braced for this storm. the ccty is leaving nothing to chance. about by mid afternoon only surfers were allowed in he water of ocean city. change is on the way. >> you cannfeel the water beeorr you can feel it outssde. and marina no time to waste. boats are moving too% hire ground. nothing is left -úto chance. >> you don't get the boat ouu of the water you un the risk of it sinkiig. >> we arr going to have thh wind. ape is not an event. >>repprter: city leaders believe they will escape the preparinn for 0 miles per houu winds and damagee >> debris will start to fly..
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about we will see some beach thunderstorms. >>repprter: in ocean ccty toniggt the race is on to stay ahead of the storm. >> they say t is going to be 100 miles way from us bbt mmght come in and mmke a 90 degree turn and come take ccre of us. >>reportee: well this storm is expecced to mmve in bout 33% this mornnng and then move out are expecting assign weekend and city leaders want all visitors to know nothing this weekend in ocean city has bben cancelled. we areelive in ocean city tonnght, fox 45 %ú thank you jeff. and as jeff entioned earl is ccose the sky watch weather center. what do you havv. >> we are watching that storm and stilllvery strong category 3 at this time and we do have
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the warning posted tropical stormmwarning for the eastern portion of the state including ocean city where we re goingg6 toosee trrpical storm force winds as much as 60 miles an hour and then alsooon the western edge of the chesapeake bake we have a coastal flood advisory with potential for flooding conditions out there. atlantic hurricane satellite image here category 3 storm winds t 115 iles an hour gusting o 1388and starting to make land fall over the oyrt bank of the ccrolinas and winds in the 30 milessan hour range and track will show how it akes that little bittof a right turn with the front of frrntal bouudary ppshing in. agent bit tt the east which is good but tropiial storm force winds on theeeastern part of up. >> thanks so much. >> governor o'malley says officials t tte maryland emergenny management agency. they you are to avoid travel
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to the city and the governor issued emergency ddclaratton that allow state aggncc to mobilize resources to preeare. >> and everybody is doinggwhat they need to be doing at this point wwhch is checking the baak up power and the úenerators and putting contractors on call and the event there is a need to clear trees and otterwise deal wwth úhis. %--úgust there is the potentialo before moving up to maryland. north caroline is already under a sttae of emergency n many homes and businessee are boarded up to wwather the went into effecc wednesday for hat haa islanddnorth car line. others are stocking up nd úeady to wait it out. >> we aae just getting enough stuff for two days inncase we gettstuck in. e have a gas barbecue so we'lllbarrecue if we necessitated to. and lots of drinks. >> pretty muchhhere until sunday so ide it out see what%
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advance of the storm. >> jury selection under way in the murder trial of former baltimore city councilman harris. neaa two ears since his murder. joy attended úoday's proceedings aad tells us now what happen. joy. >>reporrer: jeef out of the as 5 weeks. many potentialnn jurors here at courthouse eass moaned when the judge informed them the trial may not wrap up until october.. but their biigest reaction camm whhn jurors learned what case was before hem. ttat being the murder trillion f former baltimore city councilman ken harris.. chatter quickly filled the courtroom. for he 3 defendants in this case attorneys tell me they are looking forward to this trial getting started. >> i think they are eager to have the process start. looking forward to it.
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process but excited to gett% going. %ú>> it hhs been awhileeand now 18 monnhs old sooi think we are all waiting for this to start. >>repooter: all 3 defendants were well dresssd in court úoday wearing button down shirts and tiis. as they face women who could very wellmen and decide their fate. jury selection couud take 5 days. this is news at 5:30..% thank you joy. the 3 discovery channel workers held hostage yesterday are back home today with their families. but the why a ggn man burst into the cable neework headquarterss6 c1 before being killed by police. john has more from silver are recovering. h employees >>reporter: one day after the harrowing ordeal that occurred in the lobby of the discovery ccannel headquarters employees were told they only haa o worr an abbreviated day. for those who ave returned to work this day is anything butt routine. >> a lot of ug a.lot of high
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5 and tears. still oped off as crewance continue the cleanup. where gunman strapped with explosives urrt into the llbby and took 3 employees opened fire killinggtheice gunman. he's identified as james lee preeiously had protested the network programming. employees are relievvd 3 hostages escaped unharmed. they included a security guard ho is also an iraqi war veteran. >> he was the real calmingg% iifluence in that room. he helped feed information back >>reporterr ann some people ttat work round ere say they do remember james lee as the man who protested outtide of the discovery headquarters andd% they say on some occasions he even offered passerbyyup to him. silver sprrngs, fox 45 news at 5:30. tte traans running smoothly onight but not tte case last nature for riderr.
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about this video sent in to us stuckkin the heat n newt harleton. more than 500t passengers were transported to another train causiig at least 1 hour delay there. it affected some of the samee6 c1 people who were stuck on marked train or abbut 2 hours laurrn ook has he traffic edde report. hello loren. >> ww have trouble on 95 where a tractor-trailer has caught fire in andarundle county northhound lanes at route 175 and if you are travellnggto -úthe tunnel it's slow only 23 miles per hour along the traveeing tt the harbor tunnel due to earlier disabled vehicle. we haveeproblems oo where an accident justelt way and take a live look youeck inp% nntice quite a bit of congestion. 5 miles per hour
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along the innerrloop lanes as we mmke our way to the top side oo thh belt waa. only gettworse. here at york road we look at very ssow 15 miles per hour along the inner loop..% wiil remainnheavy as you make the puss to parkviile. we haae an accident to watch out for m middle river involving a motorcycle that is right on -úmiddle river road that's tte traffic edge rrport, back to thank you lauren. celebrating a new ediiion. student hhre gathered in the completion f tte new school building, facility has new scienne and computer labs. phase 2 of the projecttwill finish this spring. afterrthe big wait hurricane eerl is almost here. >> track how strong and expected to be and what he weekend will be looking like right after the stormmpasses. >> dramatic video of a motorcycle accident. mistake that led to this crash. >> peta makes harsh ccshi
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>> pett members accusing baltimore animal shelter of neglect. at the corr offthe allegatioo one cat. kathleen here to explain. >>reporter: the cat was malled by a dog and taken by an animal control officer at
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one in the morning. the officer did not deem it an emmrgency. the cat was not seen by a vet until 8:00 ... and thaa's why peta members are demanding an investigation. tte city non-profit aaimal shelter more than 100 cats are aaopted ut each month but sometimes thh organizers say the animals are too sick to be saved. it's up to the officer if the on call vet is brought in. innthis case the officee found the cat was paralyzeddbut not in ain. it was euthanized in the morning. >> ii an animal really was picked up at 1::0 a.m. and left to suffer for seven houus without treatment or euthanasi!! ú> t 4 a.m. the cat was not in diitress. cryiig. panting no. visible sign oo injury on the cat. >> when the vet came iinat 8:00 a.m. the cat waa not in pain buu aralyzed so it waa euthanizzdd city animal authorities say even in behindd
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site they would in the react to this cat case any differently. this is fox 45 news t 5:30..% thank youuvery much. toward the state of maryland.h% >> vytas is tracking the storm in the sky waach weaaher center. whaa's the latest. >> well definitely that storm -ústarted to make land ffll down úhere just ssuth east of the outer bank of the carolinas but startinn to give us affect on the baseetemperature 91 inn% baltimore, 94 inndc, 96 in of he state, the corridortion still in the 90's but look at salsbury 87 degrees. starting to see the cloud moving in and úew even light sprinkles associated with that storm as rain band wrap in. satellite radar composite around the state see how the moisture startee to wrap in the rain band. firrttrain band pushing across salsbury and ocean city and see it wrapping in. that is the first wave of hatt% storm. now uite interestingg6 timing it out on the fuuure
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scan you can see how we are going to see the cloud cover thicken up. but lack att9:00 a.m. this is front edge of the storm. raining really heavy along the eastern coast. stops over thh central portioo f the state and drr here. high pressure that is trying to ush this moisture off to the east and then we have a cold front that is going to help push this storm off by friday 5:00 p.m. there's the cold front starts makinggits way n.look at baltimore no. precipitation. eastern shore a chance but look at the front to the west. úbreaks up. so here is not a big chance for us tt get any rain. slight chanceeas system manufacttres through. real quicc take a look at tte precipitation how much we can see. eastern shore poteetially up to inch or more as heaviest precii. linee the coast line but odel data not showing much back here. %úwinns pick up a little bit. details mooe abouu the storm inna bit. >> thanks so much. >> you an track hurricane earl usinn the tools in the skyywatch weather center. follow the storm by going to fox anddclick on weather.
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it was another beautiful day o go to the maryland state fair. t is governor o'malley spent ssme time there had lunch and chatd withhfair together in one place. tte statt fair is a great part of the summer tradition and it ii a great wwy to make the transition to september nd back to school. >> we oulddlike to remind you that the news crew will be at starting at 3 in tte afternoo afternoon. top by our booth and say hi. have your picture% úaken with us if you want. ann don't forget you can still see justin pweeb interconcert evvn though sold out orr% weeks. hh will peeform thiss% sunday at the maryland state fair and we have ooe more pair %-watch morning news tomoorow for your chance toowin. l. >> college football player taking hit like he has never
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endured before. the rror that led to this crash. >> and pilot accused of being druuk on a
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>> searching for ppace in the middle east. is israeli prime minister and palestinian president were in washington, d.c. for peace talkkwith -úsecretary of state hillary
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clinton. u.s. worked for mooths nowwto get the two sides to return back to the negotiatinn table after talks stalled nearly two years ago. important step towardssfreeing yoor people from the ssaacles of a history e can not change. >>reporter: compromise will not be easy however. tensions are very high foolowing 2 attaaks on is iiraeli ttii week and ffrezeeon controversial settleeent construction is scheduled to your opinion?s month. go to our web siteeand tell us what you think. sound off through facebook if you wish. send ussa tweet at fox bbltimore. text your answer to and a.for yes an bfor no and response may air tonight oo news at 10:00. police dash cam ii rolling when a college student on a úotorcycle is hit by a ruck. % university of iowa football player josh cop was on his
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went rate into him and his motor sichblingt he just wwnt flying afttr. that amazingly% he got right up and is exxected to be okay. >> the faa is investigatinggan american airlines pilots suspected f drinking before training tt take off in a dallas airport. the flight to cancun scceduled to llave yesterday. passengers ssy drinking. hat he would have to get off the plane to take a test. plane did not board agaan until 4 hoors later whenn% tteeairline finally found aaother pilot to take ovvr the flight. pair changee an add up. pair changee an add up. >> imprrssive amount oo money
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> weecooe back. iim bruce cunningham. nfl pre-season ravens look to sweep the table taking on the rams ii st.ear. louis the rams go for hh 8 straight pre-season wii. it's true. dooit with troy smith at the controls. 2006 heismann trophy winner wwil start and play the ennire game %úmraibing playing timeesince rookie year. 30's talk he ravens may e cuttinn his spot for another position but he's not orried about that. he just wants to lay. >> witt ttis bbing my foorth yeea and having to go through some of the thhngs that i have been through, first and foremost can't do anything about that. the only thing thaa you can ccntrol and have
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that'sswhat i worrybbck and bb--lsewhere in the afc north rawsed. steelers quarterrack ben will ask the commission útre reduceethe 6 game suspension by at least 3 games. he saiddall along it wouud be for we know 4 and 6 games deppnding on whether he behaved himself. the people think 3 ames sounds aaout right and ravens fans got him feeling anxious. fouuthhgame is against baltimore. eeting takes place tomorroww stay tuned. we have a ravens updatt. orioles try to win the rubber game with the red sox. tigers in the big season in the come up tonight. >> thanks so much. next 36 hours weather wise should prove ery, very interesstng ii thess timee. > vytas continues to keep an eye on hurricane earl. we haae the very latest. >>reporter: as you llok outside beautiful conditions doesn't lack like annthing is -úlooming in the ffom f hurricane. the storm is moviig in. hot out here. 91
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degreee. cloudssstart to gather aa we see the clouds bands ahead of the storm move in. watches and warnings regionally we have the hurricane warnings ut over the tlantic and torm force winds warnings on the eastern shore then we also havv green on tteewestern edge of the chesapeeke bay and flood advisory as the east wind laps the water innagainst he western portion of the bay and get minor flooding. regional temp n the ot side of things and clouds start to move in. look at richmond and salsbury thattis aasign o cloud over starting to build n. in fact high pressurr off to the west and the storm off back out in make their wwy in on tte úouthern portion of the state of marylanddand also into storm moving up oveenight úomorrow morninn right around 6:00 o'clock thennaround 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon you look t wrappinggaround mainll staying onnthe eastern shore
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so they seeettopical storm so they seeettopical storm ffrce wind %-the state. forecast like this sun clouds omorrow. 93. maybe a late shower. etter chance of rain on the eastern shore. 89 n saturday. cllaring and sunday monday tuesday all of next eek looks -úfabulouu. great weekknd. we -úfabulouu. great weekknd. we say goodbye
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